Training Minions

Minions will gain aptitude towards proficiencies as they spend time working on them. Minions may gain aptitudes towards Skill proficiencies, Tool proficiencies, or 1 class proficiency.

Learning a Skill

Minions learn skills the same way that PCs do (outside of feats), where they need a number of points of aptitude to unlock a level of mastery of that skill, according to the following table.

Mastery Points to Unlock Total Points from Untrained
Novice 500 500
Proficient 1000 1500
Expert 2000 3500
Master 4000 7500

What are you training?

For every day spent training, a minion will gain a number of points towards unlocking the skill. The base number of points gained per day will always be 6 + INT modifier of the minion (which could be negative). In addition, they may gain the following additional points of aptitude per day:

  • A relevant stat bonus based on the skill (+DEX for Stealth, for example), if they are untrained, or if they are doing hands-on practice.
  • If they are being taught, +2 per level of mastery of the teacher above theirs. For example, a Master teaching an Untrained will grant +8 points of aptitude per day.

In short, minions can be trained either Theorical or Hands-on and Guided or Independent.

Training Minions

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