Berdusk Warehouse

The Berdusk Warehouse is a warehouse being rented in one of the corners of Berdusk for the purposes of nefarious deeds.

Deposit: 150gp
Weekly Rent: 35gp
Space: 80×100


Quality of Life
Seating (10) and Tables (2)
Bedrolls (9)
Dishes and Cutlery (20)
Lamps (2)
Decent Bed (for Val)
Bed (for Adiana)
Bed (for Aster)
Small wall mirror with wooden frame (for Val)

Alchemy Lab
Beer Aging Space
Safe (12 cubic feet, 3 part lock)

Safe Contents
2 15gp gems
2 20gp gems
5 25gp gems
1 100gp pearl (for Identify)
1 Spellbook (infernal)
1 “Skull Tube” (sheath for Orcus Dagger)
1 Orcus Dagger

Odds and Ends
1 Kenku corpse
2 Kobold corpses
1 Human corpse
1 dagger
2 short swords
1 suit of damaged chainmail
4 live rats


Berdusk Warehouse

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