Valorie Magdala


Appearance: Red hair (dyed), yellow eyes. Horns have been filed and she wears her hair to cover the nubs. She feels more comfortable in heels. Complexion is pale. Her build is very slight, and she tends to stand uncomfortably still. She’s older, late 40s/early 50s. Has had a kid, but doesn’t like to bring it up.

Val’s parents lived as peasants, which wasn’t a bad life. They both died of disease when she was ~16, and she moved with her siblings to live in Greenest with extended family. Extended family wasn’t able to take care of her, and the anti-tiefling attitudes meant she had a hard time finding work. Val fell into prostitution, doing her best to hide her tiefling traits. Unwilling to accept her life, she successfully managed to seduce a high class businessman, and got pregnant. He refused to recognize her, but she was resigned to raise the child as best she could, so she didn’t give in to her urge to kill the man. As she aged, Val used her skills to move into the role of Madame, and managed to run a reasonably successful brothel.

The attack of the Cult of Tiamat decimated her business and killed her daughter. Heartbroken, she decided that with all her reasons to stay alive crushed, she may as well enact her revenge.

Strengths: Val is an excellent negotiator, and excels in using her charisma and wit to gain the upper hand. She has a lot of experience in a ‘managerial’ role, and is good at manipulating people to get her way. She also has nothing to lose.

Weaknesses: Val is physically weak. She was never strong, and is now aging past her prime. Her charisma doesn’t make her likable – in fact most people would describe her as ‘unnerving.’ Since she was rejected for her tiefling traits, and then was a prostitute, she’s also extremely self conscious about her appearance.

Likes: Fine clothing, jewelry, perfume. People she doesn’t have to micro-manage. Individuals who can make her smile.

Dislikes: Flowers (as a gift), mediocre performances, braggards. Interruptions. People who can’t take orders.

Valorie Magdala

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